Sales Performance  Optimization

Looking to create a differentiated, consistent customer buying experience? Need to better understand why sales are down or slower than normal? At Wheelhouse, we conduct a thorough analysis of your team’s strengths, gaps and areas of development. We help you define key selling strategies and tactics that create efficiencies and drive results. Whether you need a total revamp or a slight tweak, we pinpoint the greatest opportunities to maximize overall results.

Sales Optimization Strategies you will find in our Wheelhouse:

  • Strategic planning linked to customer targeting and lead generation
  • Achieving integration among sales, marketing, operations, and customer service
  • Incentive compensation design aligned to company goals and sales revenue targets
  • Sales force gap analysis and needs assessments
  • Build and strengthen sales methodologies and processes
  • Talent identification profiling for targeted recruiting, training and engagement
  • Customized competency models and performance review process
  • Designing effective business plans
  • How to translate customer feedback into actionable information for your sales teams
  • How to leverage existing customers through referrals and building networks